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NLP is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feelings, language and behaviour to produce the results they do.


NLP offers a methodology to model the outstanding performance achieved by geniuses and leaders in various fields of expertise. A key element of NLP is that we all form our own unique internal representations of the world as a product of the way we filter and perceive information absorbed through our five senses from the world around us.


Neuro: Each individual has established their own unique mental filtering system for processing the data that is presented to us from the external world. This representation of the world is called the mental map.

Linguistic: We then assign personal meaning to the information received from the world outside through language, thus forming everyday conscious awareness. We use language as a filter to re-represent internally the world.

Programming: The behavioural response that occurs as a result of the neurological and linguistic filtering processes.

We learn from various experiences that occur in our life and we use that learning throughout our life by replicating it in various circumstances.




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10 days of pure NLP training that respects the high standards required by the ITA

(John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St.Clair and Michael Carroll).



The training is a great journey of learning and understanding


• What makes the difference that makes the difference between excellence and average performance.

• How to achieve desired goals and overcame “blockers”.

• How you can improve your verbal and non0verbal communication.

• How to implement the desired changes in your personal or professional life.

• How you can influence your internal state in various circumstances.

• How we take decisions.

• How to increase your creativity.

• Manage your emotions and achieve personal excellence.

• And nevertheless .. understand HOW you do WHAT you do so that you can increase self-awareness.




The training is addressed to anyone who wishes to:


• Have a better access to their internal resources.

• Achieve personal excellence.

• Increase their verbal and non-verbal communication abilities.

• Increase charisma.

• Manage their internal states in difficult situations.

• Increase choices in various contexts.

• Become more self-aware.

• Increase understanding of why we do what we do.

• Basically the training is dedicated to all people that are willing to change something, influence their internal state,  or want to achieve excellence in what they are doing.




• By attending this course and its final examination you will be granted the ​International

Trainers Academy of NLP certification as an NLP Practitioner.

• Your certificate will carry the ink signature of John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St.Clair and

Michael Carroll ​(ITA)


For a complete view on the syllabus of the training please click here.

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The NLP Business Practitioner course provides professionals with key skills that helps them become better talent spotters, coaches, mentors, leaders, managers of change and motivation, effective communicators, people developers and promoters of excellent performance.


NLP looks at the way we perceive and process  information from the world around us and the subsequent behavioural patterns that

are generated. It is a methodology for "modeling" excellence that gives us the necessary tools to be able to reproduce that excellence in ourselves

in order in order to achieve our desired outcomes. It incorporates a model for understanding the way our perception of reality is different to that of others thus assisting us to build rapport and influence others


This is a 90 hours training, delivered in-company in a flexible way by adapting the course to the clients' agenda and needs.




This course covers the full program of NLP in a way specifically tailored to the needs of LEADERS, SALES teams, HR professionals and KEY EMPLOYEES in the organization.


This course covers the full NLP Practitioner syllabus in a way specifically tailored to:






If you want to influenece performance, begin with the state that the person is currently in.


With NLP you can learn how to:


• Change long-term behavioural patterns

• Recognize a particular state in someone and generate a shift in their state to drive excellence.

• Understand what motivates people and teams.

• Understand the learning style of each individual.

• Maximize performance.

• Mediate conflicts.

• Read between the lines during the recruitment processes.

• Deliver unpopular messages effectively.

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What makes the difference that makes the difference between average sales people and excellent ones?


There is a particular structure to the way that negotiations work and in this course you can learn how to:


• Master client’s doubts.

• Understand what motivates your clients to buy.

• Pacing and leading the conversation in a

non-aggressive way.

• Reframing objections.

• Creating rapport.

• Becoming more efficient in closing.

• Understand  your clients state and their mental strategy for buying.



Using all or a combination of NLP techniques will lead to:


• Improving personal effectiveness.

• Having  greater presence and confidence.

• Maximizing you ability to enhance your persuasive language.

• Using language with precision.

• Clearly presenting your views and ideas with high focus.

• Changing unwanted behaviours in yourself and others.

• Spotting  key areas of development in your teams.

• Enhancing your team’s performance.

• Motivating and inspiring your team everyday


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