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Coaching is a field of interest that has spread all around the world since its origins in North America and Europe. The reason for this phenomenon is that change is a way of life, companies and employees must react quickly and positively to change, in order to grow, or even survive. Coaching is a methodology that permits us to work with change, on a personal, organisational and relationship level.


In the business environment, coaching is a fundamental part of corporate resources, enabling employees, managers and executives to contribute successfully to their organisations success.


We offer two types of Coaching Processes:


Sustainable Learning Processes. We believe that in order to produce sustainable and generative change, reinforcement is needed during the following months after a training programme. This way we make sure that the acquired knowledge and behaviour becomes a habit.


Independent Coaching Processes. If you decided that training is not what you need at this moment, but you still feel that there is room for growth to achieve a high level of performance, then Coaching is the best.





The coaching processes are suitable for any person who wishes to:

• Increase self- awareness of their own internal resources.

• Model excellent performance not average performance.

• Reach their full potential.

• Align their personal values with the vision of the organization


Successful organisations focus on knowledge transfer and share good practice.

They are interested in what is the difference that makes the difference between excellent performers and the average in the same area of activity.


The NLP Business Institute supports excellent performers and leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to help them effectively share their skills and experiences in order to help others throughout their development journey.



This programme is designed to:

• Increase an organisation’s intelligence (Cognitive and Emotional )

• Be even more competitive by growing talent

• Accelerate employee development

• Provide a structured sponsorship and mentoring process inside the organisation.


People are more likely to be engaged, become active learners and want to deliver excellent performance if the person that they learn from has the ability to mentor and sponsor them effectively.

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