A neurolearning programme for the

next generation of leaders.

What could be more important for your organization’s long term health than developing its succession plan and preparing your future leaders?


Beside the well-prepared list of key people with high potential that your company has, our course is offering the necessary resources, in order to have the professionals from this “Talent Bench” prepared with the essential managerial skills, so that they are ready to take on board the responsibilities of the new role and be productive from day one.


The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards of management and leadership excellence. CMI sets the standard that others follow.


As the only professional body in the field of management and leadership in the UK, you can be assured that CMI qualifications are of the highest quality. CMI creates leaders through training in management and leadership development, accredited qualifications , membership and research.




This course is addressed to potential managers, junior managers who aspire to reach a higher level of responsibility and middle managers who want to manage their teams more effectively, by improving both their own performance and the performance of their teams, being considered potential candidates for future management position.




• The program is structured in 2 modules that can be delivered independently and adapted to the specific agenda of the client.

• Each module consists of three days of experiential learning.

• The involvement of participants in role-play exercises and dynamics is a key factor to the success of our methodology.

• The program is available in a live “online” format or face to face and can be delivered in Spanish or English.




• The leadership concept.

• Learning styles and personal development.

• “Feedback” and Logical Levels.

• Effective communication, rapport and sensory acuity.

• How to set objectives for teams.

• Forming highly efficient teams.

• The basic principles of Emotional Intelligence

• Performance management.

• Fundamental coaching abilities.

• The verbal package and persuasive language





• This program ensures that internal promotions are able to be productive from the outset as they have the experiential learning required when they assume their new role as a manager or their promotion to the next level.

• As a result of this program, new managers are able to create rapport with their teams, network upwards, build coalitions, achieve alignment, accelerate the performance of their teams and produce good results whist increasing the level of employee satisfaction.

• This program is also key to retaining “Top Talent” that is looking for a new opportunity or career progression, however the organizational structure doesn’t currently have Management roles available.

• All our participants receive a signed certificate recognized by CMI along with a year of free membership that includes free access to an extensive archive of

magazines, such as the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Quarterly, business books,

“ Leadership & Management” materials, tools and access to various professional network and online training.

• Participants will also benefit from six months of mentoring.

Neuro management course with CMI diploma. Chartered Management Institute, NLP Business Institute, Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, EI leaders
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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou


Successful Leaders understand that great leadership is a relationship not a person. They inspire a sense of purpose and belonging and they align their personal objectives with the company’s vision and mission.


Great leaders are those that drive and motivate their teams through emotions. They create emotional connections with others that can be referred to as resonance. They understand that people will remember not what was said, but how the person felt, so their own levels of emotional intelligence allow them to create and nurture these resonant relationships.


Excellent Leaders excite, empower, inspire and value their employees and managers. They give the big picture and align their employee’s personal vision, mission, values, beliefs and behaviours with those of the Organisations. They create an environment of trust, belonging and encouragement to succeed, without fear of blame, irrelevance and inadequacy.

Leaders understand the value of Partnership over control and micro-management. Stimulating employee’s creativity and their social network, rather than limiting them to tasks.



Based on the studies by Richard Boyatzis, the programme will investigate the theory and implications of the Positive Emotional Attractor which is fundamental to motivate desired change in Individuals and teams. We will look at the neuroscience behind Resonant Leadership and why emotions are contagious.


The programme will also look at the language used by inspiring leaders and how they use this to motivate and persuade their teams and networks to achieve outstanding results.


• What is great leadership?

• The neuroscience of great leadership.

• The contagious nature of emotions. The neurological exchange of emotions between two peo- ple or a group of people.

• Building Resonant Relationships. Creating and maintaining positive and motivational relationships.

• Creating rapport so that you can lead behavioural patterns.

• The language of leadership.

• The GROW model- A simple and powerful framework for structuring coaching sessions .

• Motivation, Growth and Sustained Development. Inspiring growth and development, aligning Organisational and Individual values in line with the neurological levels.

• Stimulating and motivating your top talent in order to avoid attrition and maximize results and loyalty.

Neuro leadership course with CMI diploma. Chartered Management Institute, Neuro Leadership, NLP Business Institute



• All our participants receive a signed certificate recognized by CMI along with a year of free membership that includes access to an extensive archive of magazines, such as “The Harvard Business Review” and “McKinsey Quarterly”, business books, “ Leadership & Management” materials, tools and access to various professional networks and online training.

• Participants will also bene t from six months mentoring.



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